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VEGAN (no honey) Brown Sugar Facial Scrub

VEGAN (no honey) Brown Sugar Facial Scrub

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This is our vegan version of the Brown Sugar Facial Scrub meaning it contains no honey.

If you would like to order the option that uses honey as a an ingredient, click here.


Reveal your most radiant skin with our Brown Sugar Facial Scrub! This gentle exfoliator is packed with nutrients and minerals, while the humectant draws moisture to your skin for a truly radiant and youthful complexion. Say goodbye to dull skin and hello to a healthy, glowing glow.

Key features:

- Gentle exfoliation

- Humectant, brings moisture to the skin

- Oils to lock in moisture to fight dry winter skin

- Nutrient packed

Choose your scent:

  • Vanilla Coffee Bean: Made for with therapeutic grade coffee essential oil and vanilla butter fragrance oil. 
  • Playas Without Dubs: Unscented (natural smells of dark brown sugar and carrier oils, no added essential/fragrance oils)

Choose your skin type:

Dry/Normal: Contains coconut & olive oil

Acne-Prone/Sensitive: Contains hemp seed oil

Dry/Normal Skin Ingredients: Dark brown sugar**, coconut oil**, olive oil**, fragrance (depending on scent)

Acne-Prone/Sensitive Skin Ingredients: 

Dark brown sugar**, hemp seed oil**, fragrance (depending on scent)

** = Organic

If you'd like to know more about brown sugar and how to use this scrub, check out our article here!

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