Who We Are

We'll Get Your Ash In Line.

Gangsta Grease offers clean skincare products handcrafted in small batches with high quality, all-natural ingredients to keep your skin happy and that backhand supple.

We whip all-natural, raw shea butter and organic cold-pressed carrier oils along with therapeutic grade essential oils into carefully selected aromatherapy blends. Successfully marrying skin loving moisture with indulgent scents.

In the Beginning...

 Picture this: In sunny Palmdale, California, I found myself in a department store, meandering through the personal care aisles in search of a lotion to moisturize my skin. See, the combination of that dry, windy desert air coupled with brilliant sunshine left me with an ash so intense, I felt thoroughly disrespected. I was skimming the backs of various lotion bottles, searching for a product with ingredients I wouldn't mind putting on my skin when I realized... I couldn't find any. I then made the decision to make my own. Sticking with what I knew, I bought Shea butter at a local African market and returned home - Grease on my mind. 

I combined the Shea butter with the oils I already had at home, whipping the 3 ingredients with a large fork into a fluffy butter in a ceramic bowl. I had tangerine essential oil at home, so my first created body butter was something like a Tangerine Dream. I let my family try the butter, and they loved it! They were asking me about it left and right. They let their friends try it and they all wanted some too. I was whipping up so many butters, I decided to start selling them.

The goal is for Gangsta Grease to be known for providing a luxurious skin care experience, while acknowledging both the health of the user and the health of the planet. 

I'm currently taking steps to make Gangsta Grease as ethical and sustainable as possible.

Our products are nourishing and DEEPLY moisturizing. You'll be glad you gave us a try.

We'll knock tha ash off ya.

Love, Peace & Gangsta Grease